Beer Guide to Latvia

As of December 2014, Beer Guide Latvia has been discontinued. Probably it will be available later, in early 2014, though, in some other, slightly modified form. Maybe it will be online version only. Maybe not.

The fifth edition of Beer Guide Latvia 2013/14 is out. Even more detailed and more comprehensive than any previous edition in almost 140 pages. 

The guide is A5 sized pdf. file. There are no .epub, .azw of any other type of e-book files available, it would be too complicated due to the amount of photos and graphics. However, all the new ebook readers provide very good .pdf reading functionality. There is no DRM and other annoying copyright protection schemes.

Purchase is fast and easy, no registration required. Click on the link below, enter your Paypal or credit card details and download (10,6 MB pdf file).

Download Beer Guide Latvia 2013 (click here)


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  • Gillis

    Fabulous personal research and presentation. Thank you.
    My wife and I regularly take the ferry from Stockholm to Riga…mainly to buy Latvian beer. Our favorite brand is Piebalga. I agree with you that Piebalga Lux is really good. My wife don’t drink dark beer and the majority of our buy is standard Piebalga. I supposed part of the distinctive taste of Piebalga beer is due to the non-pasteurisation.
    Anyway I will have your Guide with me next time travelling to Latvia.

  • Ilmar Räni

    Excelent work ! Your Guide give me a reason to come to Latvia again !

  • Mati

    Well done latvians! Shame to be an estonian beer-addicted.

  • Tom Wharton

    I just want to personally thank you for your efforts. I am leaving in 3 days for a 10 day visit to Riga, moving my daughter and son in law there who is starting is career as a basketball player in the European league for VEG Riga. I can’t wait to sample the local and regional nectars. If you will be in Riga I will gladly treat you to brew and at the minimum will toast you! Best regards, Tom Wharton

    • dzerualu

      Tom, thanks for compliments! Unfortunately I won’t be in Riga during this time, but I hope your trip to Latvia will be enjoyable. Best wishes, Atis.

  • Andres

    Great! I just passed Valmiera some days ago on my way back to Estonia and I could not leave this nice and friendly country wihthout “some” BOTTLES local beers, especially from small breweries. In Estonia we have just big international companies left and to be honest – it is very boring. This time I took some bottles of Valmiermuiza, Uzavas, Bauskas, Tervetes, Rezeknis Bryuver :) I really encourage you to update this useful and nice latvian beer guide and I hope to see these beers also in Estonian stores.

  • Anna

    Hei! This is great!

  • Reyes Romero

    Congratulatios, you have done a good job and clear guide. I am from Spain and I wonder how could I get Latvian beer from here, any idea?

    • dzerualu

      Unfortunately no, I have no idea. Only a few large breweries export one or two of their beers and it is doubtful that Spain is their export market. The best option would be to come to Latvia. :)

  • emozo

    Tiku līdz tekstam par alus darītāju asoiācijām, un iedomājos – tās ir akurāt tās organizācijas, kurām vajadzēja parūpēties par šāda inforatīvā materiāla tapšanu. Labu veiksmi ar jauno versiju, lai izdodās samklēt atbalstu.

    • dzerualu

      Man nevajag atbalstu, bet gan brīvu laiku :). Bet nelasi veco, kas ir nežēlīgi pilns ar kļūdām un vecu info, pēc mēneša/pusotra būs jaunais. Pilnīgi jauns un pārtaisīts.

      • valtersv

        Brīnišķīgi! Gaidu ar nepacietību.

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  • Zane Batna


  • Portugalu Valoda

    Great work…now we just need to get the secret recipe ;)

  • Turismo Nórdico

    Perfect info: I ll add it to to spread the word :)

  • Carlos Melo
  • Sieceres

    Is it early 2013 already? :D

    • Martinsh

      Be patient. Atis recently told me “I have a new version since May, but have not had enough time to finish the last details and publish it.”

      • Sieceres

        Hehe OK. I would be happy to buy Atis a beer for the awesome work he does with this!

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  • ode

    Thanks for the updated guide. 2€ well spent.

  • Martinsh

    Really great, and well worth the money.
    Only one thing I would disagree with – if you think 2 Euro is “less than the price of a beer in the average Latvian bar”, then you are obviously drinking in the wrong bars, Atis !!

  • Agate

    Samaksāju, gribēju novilkt un uzkārās, paziņoja ka neizdevās. Mēgināju vēlreiz “Download Limit Exceeded”

  • Lars Marius Garshol

    I read the 2012 edition, so I had no hesitation about buying the new version. Excellent work! Easily worth the 2 Euros. Thank you!

  • Madara

    Labdien! Kā ar Jums var sakomunicēt? varbūt ir kāds e-pasts vai telefona numurs? Paldies!